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Presentation "Chirality of Superconducting State as Pseudospin Physics" about our works in chiral superconductors with video available on "Kavli ITS-IOP 2021 Hybrid Workshop on Multidisciplinary Spintronic"

Recent measurements of the resistivity in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene near the superconducting transition temperature show two-fold anisotropy, or nematicity, when changing the direction of an in-plane magnetic field [1]. This was interpreted as strong evidence for exotic nematic superconductivity instead of the widely proposed chiral superconductivity. Counter-intuitively, we demonstrate that in two-dimensional chiral superconductors the in-plane magnetic field can hybridize the two chiral superconducting order parameters to induce a phase that shows nematicity for the paraconductivity in the transport response, consistent with experiment in twisted bilayer graphene. This implies that the chirality of superconducting state can be understood by the pseudospin physics, benefiting from the field of spintronics. We therefore suggest that, surprisingly, the nematic response reported experimentally could provide experimental support for, rather than against, a chiral superconducting state [2]. The chiral topological superconductors host chiral Cooper pairs and support Majorana modes at the edge. We proceed to show that a laser field can induce the interaction between two kinds of chiral Copper pairs and renders a switching of the chirality of superconductors and optically writing of the Majorana modes, which is promising in the future quantum computing based on the candidates including twisted bilayer graphene and heavy fermion system [3].

Invited Talk "Unidirectional Pumping of Phonon by Magnetization Dynamics" on Spin Mechanics VII, Gerolfingen Germany, August 9-12 (2021)

Tao is invited to present his work about Unidirectional Pumping of Phonon by Magnetization Dynamics on Spin Mechanics VII conference.

Invited Talk "Chiral Excitations in Spintronics" on Online Spintronics Seminar, August 6th (2021)

Tao will present his works about Chiral Excitations in Spintronics on Online Spintronics Seminar. Recorded video will be available online.

Invited Talk "Chiral Spin Cavitronics with Magnetic Insulators" on META 2021 (The 11th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics), Warsaw Poland, July 20-23 (2021)

Tao and Gerrit are invited to present their works about Chiral Spin Cavitronics with Magnetic Insulators on META 2021 conference.

Invited Talk "Chiral Spintronics with magnetic insulators" on Sol-SkyMag 2021, San-Sebastian Spain, June 21-24 (2021)

Tao is invited to present his series work about Chiral Spintronics on Sol-SkyMag 2021 conference.

Presentation "cavity magnonics" about our works in open cavity with video available on "Online Spintronics Seminar Series"

Collaborator Yaroslav Blanter ( present "cavity magnonics" about our works in open cavity online with video available on "Online Spintronics Seminar Series"

Attending APS March Meeting with Talk "Pairing Nature and Optical Control of Superconducting State in Magic-Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene", USA, March 15-19 (2021)

Tao gave a talk about his works on superconductivity of twisted bilayer graphene on APS March Meeting 2021 conference.